Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Part 1- Target

These are some of my favourites from

I'm going to aim to create jewellery for Part 1 of my project, i am still contemplating which type or style but i am going to research further to decide that.

I own a lot of jewellery and think its a useful accessory to express style and taste without being to in your face. It also is usefully for making and outfit more eye catching, matching or contrasting colours and directing viewers attention to or away from certain parts of the body

Part 1- Roseanne Bartley

Brooch made with a crushed tin lid, sterling silver, stainless steel and paint to create a rose effect.

Floral brooches made by Aluminium pull rings from drinks cans to create a flower.

Part 1- Seif al'Hasani

Robots and figures made from all sorts of scarp materials, these are a perfect example of self advertising as they will always be very unique to there creator, showing there style by what they like to collect and have around the house.

Part 1- Owls

Loves these owls, simple yet effective! 


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Anukun Hamala

These paper owls are designed by a Graphic Designer called Anukun Hamala and the template is available for download.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Part 1- Hannah Ayre

By Hannah Ayre
A traditional Japanese lily shaped light shade made with origami paper folding, that fits over fairy lights and can be made with any paper. I think this is really cleaver, and might give it a try =)