Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tatty Devine

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N2 Jewellery

I think these are amazing!! If only I a box of random collected things I could turn into some amazing jewellery!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Creepy Sailor

Saul Steinberg

While I was looking in books and the internet for inspiration for my wire objects I came I across a well known name, Steinberg. I am already familiar with his work, and I got to know all about him in a talk I attended in New York, 2009 but while researching for the project I saw his work differently, in a way that spoke to me in a wire context.


I could see a link between the continuous movement of the wire and the journey the line takes.

Part 1 - Polly Verity

Wire Shoes by Polly Verity 2005. 

I think these shoes are really simple yet effective, although i am aiming to make a different product with my wire i am appreciate the framework and techniques used.

Part 1 - Polly Becker

Polly Becker uses a mixture of media in her work, I am especially interested in her use of wire.

Part 1 - Research

                                                                                     Looking at jewellery, I've been really interested
                                                                                                     in those which use wire.

This is my dream ring! I'm going to attempt to create something similar.