Monday, 30 April 2012


For my animation class I have been looking at what type of animation and ideas I want.I have decided on stop motion animation using collage, i will use an aspect of my final major project that I have already produced and make it come to life.

While researching these are some of my favourites:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Coast to Coast

I didn't produce the final poster to be submitted as part of the initial competition, I wanted to produce the poster to be part of my portfolio and I liked this brief as it required bike illustrations and text.  I didn't include all the required text from the original brief as I felt it would take up to much space and I wanted my figure to be prominent. 

The teacher who originally set the brief saw my image and contacted me to say the she wanted to use it and I would rewarded with print credits (for the printers at uni). She also requested that I illustrate a second, female figure to represent her who will also be taking part in a bike ride. I was really happy to hear this and as the bike ride date as been postponed I have time after graduation to complete it.

I love my image, I enjoyed doing it and I like the style, slightly different technique to how I usually do it but I think it suits it well, the only thing I don't feel 100% on it his eyes, but I feel after so many attempts at them they are the best I could do.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Agata Dudek

I came across Polish illustrator, Agata Dudek while on a trip to Poland. I found a book (pictured below) which in English is called ' The Crows of Pearblossom' by Aldous Huxley. The illustrations use lovely textured and collage elements, all positioned perfectly to create fun and wacky scenes.

When I got back from Poland I research Agata Dudek to find she illustrates in such an inspiring style.

 (above) I love this guys legs! Agata really plays with her elements and makes them fun without being sinister and scaring children readers.

I could upload all of Agata portfolio as each image is as unique and amazing as the last. I think my favourite illustrator of the year goes to Agata Dudek.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Coast to Coast Brief

Also, during this module I have worked on a poster brief set by a Graphics teacher. A poster is aimed to raise support and awareness for an upcoming bike ride for charity. I liked the idea of illustrating bikes and figures so took it on as part of my FMP. 

I found this brief to challenge me at each stage, first was to create a figure shaped like he was riding a bike- not too informed but to my own style. I tried a few sketches, representing different emotions while cycling, the care free stroll, the final sprint and a struggling figure.
For me it is important to do some research before any brief, for this I wanted to know how to represent a bike with as little elements as possible, I want to show a bike with 2 wheels and least lines as possible as I want the figure to be more important than the bike.  I also wanted a way of representing the figure in the correct posture, I don't want it to look like the bike and person have just been layered, I want them to flow as one movement. 

For my brief I get the feeling that the people involved are not professionals and are going to struggle with 140mile cycle. I want to represent them as being fun people that like a challenge but I don't want to show that they can cycle with ease, I want to show that they are pushing themselves for charity.

I took inspiration from:

Blanca Gomez.
Blanca Gomez makes cycling and illustrating look so easy and sleek with hypnotizing wheels.

Nick Stevens

In this landscape piece the cyclist are represented with few information but still clearly resemble cyclists on bikes, their curved backs show determination while the small bend in knee show ease, I don't think they are cycling fast but are just strolling with care.

It has dream-like quality to it with vintage colours, all blend together so well. Making cycling looks so fun or you can take a nice hot air balloon ride and watch from the sky, dreamy.  

Justin Mezzell.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

FMP update- Web

I have recently concentrated on my image archive and sketchbook and at the moment this stage is slowing for me. I feel I need to move forward or move to another aspect of this module.

So instead of dwelling on this and to stop myself from panicing, which then makes me less productive, I have turned my attention to the admin side of my illustration brand. I have recently updated my blog page to a more sophisticated layout, simple and professional. I have also worked on my website to make that of a higher standard by changing my account from Cargo Collective to Wordpress so I have more control over the look.

 Updating my facebook page:

I have also been buying many supplies for my crafts :) hoping to have a large range at my final major show to sell. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

FMP Update

There is now 5 weeks left on this project, scary stuff! And so far I have been concentrating on filling a sketchbook with useable and loveable designs to put forward onto 3D crafts.

Sketchbook scans.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I recently worked on the Little White Lies brief set by D&AD, I thought it would be a challenge to work to a context that is unfamiliar to me-film. I selected the new Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy film from a selection of 2012 top films and set my self a week to complete the magazine cover requirements.

I managed to complete the brief quickly, I really enjoyed it. I did a few rough sketches for my design but straight away I knew what elements I wanted to include, I created a few sketchbook pages for useable elements. The brief required the main character to be large and prominent. The provided layout featured a large logo centered at the top so I didn't have much space.

I took this opportunity to feature my type and to represent a real figure.
I am really pleased with my image, if I could change anything I would spend some time thinking of how to use the space- Although giving myself more time on planning gives me more time to over judge positioning and sometimes takes away the fun.