Saturday, 28 April 2012

Coast to Coast

I didn't produce the final poster to be submitted as part of the initial competition, I wanted to produce the poster to be part of my portfolio and I liked this brief as it required bike illustrations and text.  I didn't include all the required text from the original brief as I felt it would take up to much space and I wanted my figure to be prominent. 

The teacher who originally set the brief saw my image and contacted me to say the she wanted to use it and I would rewarded with print credits (for the printers at uni). She also requested that I illustrate a second, female figure to represent her who will also be taking part in a bike ride. I was really happy to hear this and as the bike ride date as been postponed I have time after graduation to complete it.

I love my image, I enjoyed doing it and I like the style, slightly different technique to how I usually do it but I think it suits it well, the only thing I don't feel 100% on it his eyes, but I feel after so many attempts at them they are the best I could do.

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