Friday, 13 April 2012

Coast to Coast Brief

Also, during this module I have worked on a poster brief set by a Graphics teacher. A poster is aimed to raise support and awareness for an upcoming bike ride for charity. I liked the idea of illustrating bikes and figures so took it on as part of my FMP. 

I found this brief to challenge me at each stage, first was to create a figure shaped like he was riding a bike- not too informed but to my own style. I tried a few sketches, representing different emotions while cycling, the care free stroll, the final sprint and a struggling figure.
For me it is important to do some research before any brief, for this I wanted to know how to represent a bike with as little elements as possible, I want to show a bike with 2 wheels and least lines as possible as I want the figure to be more important than the bike.  I also wanted a way of representing the figure in the correct posture, I don't want it to look like the bike and person have just been layered, I want them to flow as one movement. 

For my brief I get the feeling that the people involved are not professionals and are going to struggle with 140mile cycle. I want to represent them as being fun people that like a challenge but I don't want to show that they can cycle with ease, I want to show that they are pushing themselves for charity.

I took inspiration from:

Blanca Gomez.
Blanca Gomez makes cycling and illustrating look so easy and sleek with hypnotizing wheels.

Nick Stevens

In this landscape piece the cyclist are represented with few information but still clearly resemble cyclists on bikes, their curved backs show determination while the small bend in knee show ease, I don't think they are cycling fast but are just strolling with care.

It has dream-like quality to it with vintage colours, all blend together so well. Making cycling looks so fun or you can take a nice hot air balloon ride and watch from the sky, dreamy.  

Justin Mezzell.

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