Saturday, 7 May 2011

Martin Haake

Martin Haake- has been my inspiration through this project, I have looked into his figurative work to help me creative 'beautiful shapes'

In the above piece Haake uses telescopes, similar to what I am trying to produce in my 8x8 image.
Haake understands the figure well, the movements and postures needed to create the right position. The figures looking through the telescopes are bent forward slightly, showing concentration and that an action is involved, not just that the object is floating near there face. I think I need to try out a few positions with my figure, maybe look at a wooden art mannequin as guidance.
I want my figures to be similar to Haake's, to resemble a human figure not without being realistic, to create more of a sense, it must have all the necessary features but I can exaggerated where needed and to remove features that will not take away from the character.

I think proportion is a key factor and I will try and use this in my own work.

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