Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mandy Trolley/ Mando Manderin

Today I went to a talk by Mandy Trolley, I was told about it by the surface design tutor, Hazel Hewitt, as she thought it would help me with putting my designs onto surfaces.

She showed us a full range of textile products and her sketchbooks. Mandy uses a lot of embroidery and mixed fabric. Mandy's style involves mixing and playfully using a range of themes, bears eating fast food, framed dogs, ducks and scented gremlin creatures. She introduced us to Hot Bed Press, in Salford where she teaches workshops and where she learnt about of her techniques and Fab Lab in Manchester, which I have wanted to go for a while, this was really helpful to me as one of my fears during my 3rd year was not having access to the print room, now I know there is space out there. I was really jealous to hear about all the fancy equipment she was able to use as she studies embroidery at MMU and the programme where post-graduates can still use the facilities there up to a year after leaving.

After watching Mandy’s presentation and seeing her images I thought a lot into setting up a photography corner in my studio for photographing my 3D pieces, a simple while corner will do with some good lighting because now a have a professional camera I don’t need to make arrangements for somebody else to photograph my work. 
I also noticed her attention to branding her products, soft labels, packaging and stamping where ever necessary. I think packaging and labeling is things a definitely need to look into fro myself, boxes for my mugs and soft tags for cushions and bags. 

 I was mostly interested in her print workshops, some work that people have produced from these lessons are really inspiring.

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