Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Burning The Clocks 2010

burningtheclocks4_2 - Burning the Clocks |
burningtheclocks-1-27_0 - Burning the Clocks |
burning_clocks_2006_JV_1_0 - Burning the Clocks |
burning_clocks_2006_STBP_26_0 - Burning the Clocks |

Burning the Clocks is an antidote to the excesses of the commercial Christmas. People gather to make paper and willow lanterns to carry through their city and burn on the beach as a token for the end of the year. No lantern is better for its purpose than any other, all are unique to the maker and precious, but all are given up to be burnt to greet the lengthening days.
Burning the Clocks combines a family solstice parade with a high quality fire show and fireworks for the whole city. The lantern makers invest their lanterns with their wishes, hopes, and fears and then pass them into the fire.

The parade will leave at 6.30pm. We expect the front of the parade to arrive at Madeira Drive at 7.15pm and the event to finish at 8pm. Please note all times are approximate.
The parade route will be: North Street, Ship Street, Bartholomews, East Street and Madeira Drive. For the best viewing position, go straight to Madeira Drive and watch the parade arrive. Please do not wait in New Road to watch the parade as this is our assembly zone for 1000 participants and there is no space for audience!

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