Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Group Project

We were set in a group, mixing all pathways and given a brief with the word "Kinetic", we were free to respond to this how we liked.I’ve really enjoyed the project and am really pleased with the outcome. 

We made a battery-controlled mechanism that spins Thaumatropes with a touch of a button, we based this on a Victorian fair/circus and themed it "Trick Or Treat". We mixed both "naughty" and "nice" imagery and you should use the device to find out which it was. We had a few technical set backs but produced what we wanted to a high quality by the deadline and worked as a team well.

After completing the spinning device we create a display box to view it in, based on Victorian Punch and Judy. We them decarated it and a box to fit the discs to match.

The final piece, box with discs and posters.

 My Thaumatrope discs:


  1. Hi Emma,

    I love your Thaumatropes! I work for a small independant museum which was once of the home of Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron ( and I'm looking for inspiration for a new family activity room I'm trying to set up at the museum. I wonder whether you'd be willing to let us use a couple of your designs? The charity that runs the museum has very limited resources so I don't have a 'budget' for the project but I would be more than happy to do acknowledge your support through our website/facebook/newsletter etc. Please do drop me an email

    Best wishes, Rachel

  2. Adorei os Taumatrópio, estou pesquisando para trabalhar com meus alunos do 3ºano,