Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sophie Joyce

I asked one of my favourite Illustrators, Sophie Joyce to answer 7 of my questions about her work and the current industry, she was very pleasant and helpful (even though I interrupted her holiday in the South of France, Sorry!) but here is her response:

1. Your work is like a modern day version of the wonderful Miroslav Sasek, is he an inspiration to you? What else inspires your work?
-Yes really like his work. Found a book in Charity shop many years ago which was wedged under the door to keep door open. I bought it for 10p! Original copy of This is Hong Kong. I guess it was an inspiration, but I try not to look too much at other work and do my own thing. -60's 70's children's books... 

2. The characters in you work are very distinctive - I am struggling to find a language for the figure! How did you find a way of making the figure 'your own'? 
Just look at people and try drawing them and see how they come out. When you draw people over and over again they develop. I used to dread doing people and now I love it...
3. I love all the textures in your work also that make it look fresh and hand-rendered. Do you collect and archive them on hard-drive/store in folders?
Thank you. I do them all by hand. I have got a few painted bits that I scanned in and have kept and re use. Sometimes I use bits of texture my 3 year old has painted. I try not to reuse if poss... keep it fresh is best. 
4. Would you mind to explain your process from a briefing from the client to delivery of final artwork?
Clients phones/ emails with outline of job 
-discuss job further
-discuss license/copy-write 
-poss talk to AOI or my agent re fee 
-discuss timings for roughs and a/w and any other specifications
-do roughs and await feedback
-do final a/w
-do any corrections if nec.
5. You have a rich and varied client list - do you have a preferred type of work that you think your work suits best?
no - enjoy variation 
6. I love your sketchbook work on your website too - how important is to you to do this work outside of commissioned work?
Alas dont have time generally as have 3 year old boy, but always sketching for work. The sketches on my website are probably mostly is important to keep sketching though of poss.. 
7. And finally do you have any advice for a student trying to forge a career in the illustration industry?
Work hard and be tenacious.
Keep at it through thick and thin. 
Web site v important
Agent - maybe?
keep good friendly relationships with clients
20 pieces of work in portfolio, nothing you feel like even vaguely making excuses for.
Keep to a single style in portfolio

Hope this is useful
Best wishes
for your career in illustration!

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