Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Visit to Vernon Mill

I have finally visited Vernon Mill and I was so was so pleased to find a rich variety of work that is there, I hadn't heard much about it so was surprised to find it was 'largest artist led studio group in England' and housed 43 active artists.
A few of the artists where buzzing away in there studios as I was walking around and so I managed to introduce myself to a few and got speaking, very pleasant group of people.

Rose Lloyd
An Illustrator I met last year at Stockport College, as an ex-student she was very helpful with advice and showing me her portfolio. When I asked her about studio space she was the first to tell me about Vernon Mill and her room there, unfortunately I didn't see her on this visit but I love her work still and hopefully bump into her soon.

Rose Lloyd

Rose Lloyd

One of the first artists I spoke to on my visit was Lindi Kirwin who has a wide range of work from seascapes to erotica, she showed me all and was very willing to describe her thoughts behind the pieces. Her wide variety showed that she didn't to stick being a type of artist, rather she went with her creative flow, very talented artist and at the moment is interested in working to a circular canvas. 
 'Debbie' - Lindi Kirwin

'South Stack Lighthouse' - Lindi Kirwin

 John Buttery
His space in Vernon Mill looked fantastic, a little treasure cave full of sculptures in all shapes and sized. Buttery shows a real understanding of the human figure.

Even the ladies toilet sign in Vernon Mill is up my alley....

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