Thursday, 15 September 2011

First brief of the 3rd Year!

For the first brief this year I have chosen to produce my own self publication - 'zine'. Self-publichsed, collated and bound by yours truly.

After failing to think of a relevant theme I headed to look for inspiration- the library! and found a poem book by Roger Mcgough called 'All the Best' and fell in love! the illustrations (by Lydia Monks) are fab! and along with the amazing poems set my ideas flowing.
This was my starting point but I am no poet, I realized I don't have to be, I can be the opposite- I can be an illustrator and the words can just be aids to my pictures.

So, I am starting to write some VERY short poems or pretty sentences (I have not thought of a name for them yet)

Some poems by Roger Mcgough and illustrated by Lydia Monks ♥

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