Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Graphic Guru

Recently I have been keeping in contacting with my graphic guru- Ben Jones. 
Ben is an ex-student from my illustration course and has had 3 years experience of the industry. 

I have been keeping in contact with him through email and odd meetings around the college, Ben now helps teach as Stockport.

I have been asking Ben’s advice on printmaking and to see if there is are secrets to the technique. 

Ben uses a combination of lino printing, screen printing and mono printing to emphasize shape and form. His work is similar to mine through technique and style. I admire the idea process behind each piece of work, he has clearly thought of a rough plan and took it to the print room and played around with it. His work really reflects the enjoyment for the print making process and his passion to try new, along with combing techniques with confidence.

Ben has been very helpful in sharing some of his processing and providing me with advice. He has encouraged me to experiment with making textures in the print room and then collage with them, combining both my techniques. I also want to introduce linocuts and screen printing to my work.

I have recently seen his work on a greeting cards selling at the Whitworth gallery, Manchester, and felt very proud to be his guru student.

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