Thursday, 15 December 2011

Portfolio Visit - Stewart Price

 Today I had portfolio visit with Stewart Price from Thoughtful. I went feeling really nervous, even though his talk had already prepared me for a portfolio visit in the industry.
I took along my portfolio and my 3d work (as they have not been photographed yet) to give him an idea about me. My main aim for this meeting was to experience speaking to someone from the industry through face-to-face contact, I have mainly used email up to now. Stewart was very welcoming, ensured me that it was a casual meeting.   
Stewart seemed really pleased with my work, I was only expecting comments for layout and portfolio style but he seemed really taken by my illustrations. He mentioned that I had a clear style and market for the future and understanding myself now will be very beneficial for me. He did ask a few questions for examples of what I should expect in a real meeting, these weren’t surprise questions, Stewart had kindly warned me before hand through email.
The only criticism Stewart had for my portfolio layout was that he would like to see double page spreads for each project, especially if a page could be the illustration in its context. I was already playing around with this idea before the meeting but now it has been mentioned I know that it would better for my portfolio.  
I think Stewart enjoyed that I brought my 3d elements as well as visuals, he seemed to enjoy looking at them closely and that they were tangible. I felt my ‘Peggy pegs’ went down well and Stewart suggested that they would be nice in an animation, which I am already planning so that's nice to hear that someone seems and enjoys them as much as I do.
So overall it was a pleasant and beneficial experience, and I appreciated Stewart's time with me and I look forward to showing him my work in a few months time.

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