Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Graphic Guru

 Graphic Guru- Ben Jones.                                                                                 

Today I bumped into my graphic guru, Ben Jones, in the studio and was able to get his feedback on my work so far and some advice.

We talked about promotion, I mentioned my business cards and Ben recommended I also use postcards as promotional work and mail outs, the detail in my work would benefit from the larger scale and they are better for people to pin up on notice boards and have as decorative pieces. He also advised me to keep all my details on front, although it doesn’t sound that much effort for someone to turn the card over but the details can be incorporated into the design and if someone does pin it up or keep it on their desk my details will also face them.

Ben also had a look at my website and noticed a few new pieces and style change. He really liked me bike poster ‘Coast to Coast’.

I showed him work for my FMP, he mentioned that I have been worked on a lot of things, which was nice to hear, he really liked my ‘fat cat’ piece, and suggested it would look good screen printed, adding quality. I haven’t finished my ‘fat cat’ yet so haven’t thought of printing processes, I think he needs some text to accompany him.

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