Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ana Himes

Ana Himes is a talented photographer, her photographs are very deep and poetic,

A simple everyday object, the light bulb, but taken out of modern setting of a house hold fixture or a supermarket box with simple graphics and shown in a dated shop and display.
Feels like its from a different and not as privileged country. Feeling of dry and emptiness.

But Ana Himes also works with collage, her work is different to my current style but I like to use of composition as the key factor.

The bold lines surrounding the figure are simple shapes yet strong, I have used a similar technique in past collage work and always found it effective was to draw the viewers attention, to symbolize strength or to balance colour.

I like the use of the simple corrugated cardboard as a surface, very understated but it works well, especially as it is a high quality photograph so all the textures, shadows and colour is clear.

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