Sunday, 21 August 2011

Christina Song

 I have only recently come across U.S Illustrator, Christina Song. Her work is mainly collage based, using all hand crafted textures.

I find that this kind of style really connects with me, I am trying to produce more hand made textures for my own work.
Her collage and sketchbook work from her website is mainly based on landscapes, I admire this as I have not yet attempted to collage a scene, but I'm not sure if she would benefit from introducing figures, I struggle to create a language for my figures myself but I think her style could be well suited to a character.

The above image is one of a small selection of Song's images to use a lot of white space, it also only uses a small amount of colour, to me this emphasizing the pale pink colour and gives it a rich Spring blossom feel.

The wide range of textures really inspires me to produce more of my own, to research and try new techniques, Christina Song kindly shows on her website some of her techniques used.

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