Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tom Edwards - The Mommoth Collection

Tom Edwards is an Illustrator based in London with a line-drawn style of illustrating but it was his series of landscape prints created for the online print shop Mammoth that really interested me.

This piece has a balanced feel to it, to the left and right of the central plant are heavy cliff-sides/rocks, although these are not symmetrical the formations seem balanced. The whole piece feels calm, the hint of water on the left rock along with the central plant makes it feel peaceful and welcoming.

I find that the block colours really tie the images together, the above piece uses yellow, the yellow in the top area being bold and in dominant shape, whereas the yellow in the bottom right seems to fade, the shape at an angle seems like its melting away, this could be linked to the image as it is set in an arctic area and could be showing climate change and the difference in the conditions.

I feel this collection expresses growth, nature and nurture.

A simplistic style, like his line illustrations but I find these have a different dimension, looking closely Edwards has only used photography of the elements he wants to portray, e.g, tree for a tree, I feel that this could have been pushed further by looking beyond the elements and finding similar textures from alternate objects.

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