Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Website Design

I am trying very hard to set up a website! I have signed up for a Cargo website but I think I need more of a website plan before I get stuck in. I have been looking at some of my favourite designers website for inspiration on layouts.

Most websites from Cargo just store all images on the first/home page, where as I was hoping to have titles that will link to pages.

 This is a screen shot from Nikita Austin's homepage for her website, at the bottom she has titles for page links, similar to what I want to achieve.

 Above, Lisa Martin, who also uses Cargo, but she uses both images and titles that as links. She has more titles than images, so maybe some are projects and some are pages? I haven't yet grasped the concept of projects and pages yet though, but hoping through research I will find the answer.

But I have noticed that Cargo has its own little community, where you can follow each other and it suggests things you may like.

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