Thursday, 3 November 2011

Surface Design Portfolio Visit

Today I had meeting with Hazel Hewitt, from Surface Design at Stockport. I asked her to go over my portfolio and my 3d pieces to see if she had any advice for me entering into the surface design market.  
Helen looked over my work and reassured me that I could do well in surface design, and because I already have talent in drawing I could have an edge on some surface designers.
Helen seemed pleased with my set of 3 mugs from my zine project and suggested my surface design market is more aimed at reproduction, which is true, I aspire to see my work sold in John Lewis, Paperchase and at gallery shops over the UK in mass.  
I was encouraged me to look closely at my materials I use, take time to find out where they come from, processes and to think about using natural materials. She directed my attention to the notice board for the surface design students, which is filled with posters, magazines, newspapers with current surface design ideas and events. Helen also shows me some books that have have that relates to my work.  
I think I still want to be classed as an ‘Illustrator’ but I want to see my illustrations on surfaces and combined with crafts. I don’t think my crafts are expressionist, artistic one off pieces but designs for domestic use, I want to be able to picture them in a home of today.
I felt the meeting went well, I now feel confident I can find a place between illustration and surface design.

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