Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Personal Project

For my personal project I decided to stick with producing poems- as I have a wider imagination for poems for some reason that to pluck random images from my head and I also stuck with the surface design route- because it helps me see my images come to life and a final stage.

I wrote a short poem about 'miss Peggy' , as you guessed it she is a common house peg who is a very sweet lady.

I tested my new sewing skills and whipped up a canvas peg bag, with the poem and image on one side, 'miss Peggy' and my name on the other then 3 peg ladies to complete my set.

I am really pleased with it. Quick turn around from idea to production and I like to have an object to make as I enjoy gathering required materials and find I good use for all my beads, bits and bob that I squirrel away.

I am actually a little tempted to make a scene from my Peggy's, maybe an animation. see how that goes!

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