Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stoke Ceramics Biennial

Today I took a trip to Stoke-on-trent, for the ceramics biennial, I wanted to learn more about the craft of ceramics I thought this would be good for me, it was GREAT! ranging from delicate and simple teacups to exploring to use of ceramics and themes.

A lovely big space, an original Spode factory site.

Elizabeth Addyman

"The inspiration for this body of work comes from an insight into people collecting spoons, especially Welsh love spoons. lizabeth’s interpretation has been to make the spoons from materials that she had to hand, using skills she possess. 
These pieces have been hand crafted using porcelain, wire, textiles and various ephemera. Most are delicate in an attempt to mimic the original woodcarvings.

These spoons also carry an individualistic message. They are not meant to be read as part of a collection, nor intended to be functional. Just as the Welsh love spoons, they are simply to portray a personalized message to give to a loved one"

Caroline Tattersall

Angie Thirkell

"My work engages in a kind of domestic surrealism, somewhere between the Mad Hatter;s Tea Party and an Edwardian drawing room"

Thomas Weber

/\ Above, me trying to be part of the art! /\

 Sarah Callard

Sun Ae Kim
"I am interested in creating narrative, satirical contemporary stories in ceramics referring to the 18th and 19th century figurines in Europe."

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