Monday, 21 November 2011

Lord Whitney Visit

Today, I am very happy to say we had a talk from Lord Whitney!
Lord Whitney is collaboration between the very talented, Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney, and if you haven’t heard of them you really need to check them out!!
They have creative talents in photography, set design and build life sized illustrations and installations.
Their talk today was really inspiring, even if 3d isn't your style, talking from their experience of studies, jobs and industry was really helpful. They spoke about their struggle to find a studio space (which I can relate to) and how they had to ‘make do’ sometimes with space and funds, which is a lesson for facing the industry, you have to be creative with what you have available and turn it into a positive. Lord Whitney turned their lack of funding into positive to recycle and find props that was already available to them, I think that emphasizes the work as they have had to be more creative.
You have to be passionate with what you do to pursue design as a career!

Lord Whitney was also keen to share their experience of past jobs, from window dresser to set artist, all sounding amazing to me but taught them a valuable lesson as to were they fit in the industry,  realising some jobs were suited to them more than others, some of the more top end markets involved the most people, therefore more opinions and rules but these experiences taught Lord Whitney that they liked going back to basics and playing around with their own ideas, even if it had to take place in their back garden, they weren't restricted by others. 

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