Sunday, 6 November 2011

Craig Oldham Poster

This was my final Craig Oldham poster, the brief was just to design a poster that held all the relevant information and could be put up around college to inform others of his visit and talk.

This is my poster, showing Craig (interpretation) juggling design and illustration, design being the geek glasses ( that seem to be ever designers must have accessory), illustrations being the pencils and the question mark for the info and guidance during the talk. Craig Oldhams the name and website have been incorporated as part of the figure, and the heart referring to his talk being from past experiences, speaks true and from the heart.

I am happy with it. I like my figure, I found I enjoyed create him, which is a change for me as that usually figures are my weak point, so a lot of improvement there with quick design process. I usually have fun with my text but because this poster is supposed to house so much text, I struggled with fitting it all on and designing for most of the poster to be taken up by text, I wanted the text to look like an image, to interact with the figure and to flow well.

Here, Sasha Barr uses text and space very well. Looking like a poster to advertising a boxing event, the text has been thought out clearly from type to positioning. The text is also small but readable, whereas I usually assume bigger is better and take up too much space. Think I need to take leaf out of Sasha Barr's book!

 Here, Ashley Lequere has a clear understanding of the relationship with text and imagery and how they can compliment each other well, this is what I need to grasp and aim to improve on.

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