Monday, 28 November 2011

Lord Whitney- Cutlery Tent

Lord Whiteny set as a brief,  we had to make compound nouns. (put two words together to make one)

Myself and Lisa decided to use this brief to collaborate, we wanted two different words that you wouldn't usually put together, put we wanted pretty words, we decided we wanted a random selection, so we took turns to pick words out of a cup and put them together, we decided on 'cutlery tent'.

We researched some nice antique cutlery shapes for inspiration, then cut our cutlery out of paper. We ran around collage finding props we could use to make the tent, we decided we wanted to suspend the cutlery in the tent and create shadows. We aimed for a magical theme. We then assembled the lot in a photography room having everything carefully attached by wire and maskingtape suspended from poles.

Here is the setting up process:

Our tent:

 The final image:

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